When no one noticed you saw me struggling. You could have passed but didn’t: Your thinking and your smiles convinced me to excel. Your steadfast faith in me compelled me to succeed. And if by chance I didn’t, you’d still be there for me. It is good to have someone like you.

By Richard Kramer

Who are Mentors?

Persons who provides support and guidance to the participating youths, encourage them in endeavors, provide & connect them to resource.

Persons who assists participating youths to develop relational-skill that are essential for them to collaborate in teams, adjust to new environments including corporate settings, and present and manage themselves in challenging situations.

How many of the following Criteria do you have?

  • Identify with project mission
  • Committed and responsible
  • Enthusiastic and open to new experiences
  • Can take varied perspectives
  • Highly motivated with perseverance
  • Positive and optimistic; willing to share with others

Mentor Involvement


  • 2 Day-camps
  • 12 weeks of mentoring with mentees


(SEGMENTS.2 & 3)
  • First 3 months: 1 Day-camp
  • 12 weeks of mentoring with mentees
  • Next 6 months: 1 Day-camp
  • 24 weeks of mentoring with Community Mentor & mentees
  • Bimonthly 3-hr workshop on IT & entrepreneurs


  • 1 orientation session
  • 24 weeks of mentoring with Youth mentor & mentees