Our Mission

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To provide an alternative solution in developing multiple pathways for the education and employment of disadvantage youth

The poor are getting poorer, and those who have, are getting more. We believe that the growing economic divide is exacerbated by the technology or digital divide and social divide.

Technology has become the driving engine of the global economy this century. The educated and resourceful have not only access to technology, they are also comfortable using it and be productive in the technology economy. The underprivileged, however, are mere consumers and in some cases do not even have access or the language to enter that economy.

In Hong Kong, there are about
1,000,000 people (15% of the total population) living below the poverty line, 180,000 of them are children and youth.
Many of these are new immigrants from Mainland. The child poverty rates among major ethnic minorities living in Hong Kong are even higher: 60% for Pakistani and 23% Nepalese. Their difficulties are not very different from those of the migrant youth in mainland China. So we hope to reach these youth and provide more resources for them in the digital literacy race and integrate them into the city.