Project-C Global

Using the Train-the Trainers model, the Project-C team has conducted Teacher Facilitation Workshop with local teachers in mainland China and Ghana to adopt and implement the Unit 1 Visual Programming Basics and Unit 2 Mobile App Development curriculum .

Interested in becoming a Project-C Global Partner?


  • You will receive a set of ICT curriculum and software aimed at developing students’ Computational Thinking skills.
  • You can access our lesson plans, lesson content (presentations), homework sets, class worksheets, and more.
  • You will learn the above through high quality Teacher Facilitation Workshop

  • Grade 8 or 9

Or students age 12 or above

Project period:
  • One term (Unit 1)
  • One year (Unit 1 & Unit 2)
Teacher Facilitation:
  • Minimum 5 full days of training
  • Certificate will be provided after completion of teacher facilitation 
Requirement of partner:
  • The school or organization have existing funding, IT hardware and human resources to implement project
  • Responsible teacher as coordinator with the Project-C team
Language available:
  • English
  • Mandarin Chinese
Teachers involved
  • ICT teachers or preferable teachers with sciences and math background
  • After Teacher Facilitation, the teacher will teach our ICT curriculum and software in his/her respective schools


If you are interested to become our global partner, please email projectc@ygn.org.hk