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Every summer, a group of interns from top notch US universities such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) or Stanford University will come to work with our software engineers.

2018 Interns

The whole experience was more than I could hope for. I hope to improve upon my skills and someday comeback and help out with the project again. I was inspired by the passion from the team and will carry on this attitude with a desire to do meaningful things as I move on to college.   

Hayson Chu

Bachelors of Science in Computer Science, Penn State U

Teaching in a new environment was very eye-opening for me. I realized that in addition to the content itself, I needed to consider cross-cultural differences, collaboration, and mindset in computer science education. Jenny Han

Bachelors of Science in Symbolic Systems, Stanford

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2017 Interns

I’m very happy to participate in this project. In the process, I learned a lot of new programming technologies. I can also use these technologies to help young people. The process makes me very happy.

Jeremy Cheung

Bachelor of Engineering (EE), University of Hong Kong

I learned a lot at my summer experience. I was able to see my contributions to a real-world project and learn a new programming language. Working together and making sure everyone’s code was compatible was also an important skill that I slowly acquired.

Helen Li

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, MIT

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We’re on a mission to provide an alternative solution in developing multiple pathways for the education and employment of disadvantage youth. Join the team.