Long Term Volunteers

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We have a group of dedicated long term volunteers serving with us side by side.

Mentor Supporting Supervisors 

Since 2017, our Mentor Supporting Supervisors have been supporting the Project-C Mentoring Scheme.

                                                        Jessie                                        Tonia  Pricilla  Wai Hing Hui   Roxanna

Sandra Lau  (Volunteer Translator)

Agnes Choi   (Volunteer Administrative & Research Support)

Kenneth Ng   (Volunteer Software Engineer)

Alex Tam        (Volunteer Software Engineer)

Sophie            (Volunteer Software Engineer)

Summer         (Volunteer Software Engineer)

Joanne            (Volunteer Software Engineer)

Wylie               (Volunteer Software Engineer)

Jeffrey Wong    (Volunteer Translator)

Brenda              (Volunteer Marketing Consultant)

Our team and our volunteer programmers

 Here are other Volunteer opportunities.

We’re on a mission to provide an alternative solution in developing multiple pathways for the education and employment of disadvantage youth. Join the team.